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Tower of Strength Review and a Giveaway!

Tower of Strength, by Annette Lyon is not the Mormon fiction from your youth. You will not feel the need to order a giant bottle of Sparkling Apple Cider to go along with your Cheese (Because we all know that Mormon's don't drink wine). It is far from the suck-tastic reputation that has besieged the genre of Mormon fiction.

I was pleasantly surprised with Annette's book. I was really worried that it was going follow the bad rap that is Mormon Fiction. It doesn't. It was a well written story with some LDS themes thrown in. She has just the right amount of romance, suspense, drama and mystery all cleverly woven together to make a masterpiece. I read this book with my teenager daughter, and found the experience to be delightful. My daughter said that typically romance novels leave her feeling bad about her life... but this one didn't. I completely agree with her.

The characters are real, and sympathetic. You will hate the Mother-in-law in the story and rejoice when the hero finally tells her to "stick it where the sun don't shine". OK, he does it in a much nicer 1880's type of a way, but you get the idea.

The main character, Tabitha, is a strong courageous woman. Honestly? The way the women in the 1880's were treated infuriated me. To hear men talk about women "needing only to knit something" made my head spin. It would have been difficult at best to be a strong woman in those days. Let alone a successful one.

I would, without reservation, recommend this book. Especially if you like to read with your daughters. This book is perfect for that... You will not worry one bit about something questionable popping up, as it is a wholesome, easy read.

Our very own award winning author, Annette Lyon, has graciously offered to giveaway her entire set of books to one of our lucky readers. That's a $65.00 value, people!

Anyone can enter. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post.
You have until Midnight MST on Thursday, March 19th to enter the giveaway.

(To get a second entry, spread the word about the giveaway on your own blog,
then come back and comment again, letting us know you posted.)

Good luck! ~motherboard

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