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Tour of MMB-land

We decided to do away with the Monthly Blog spotlight popularity contest. While its fun, it only highlights one amazing blogger per month, and we have oh so many more here in MMB-land.

One blog is boring.

Lots of blogs spotlighted = fun and exciting new ways to "use" your time.

There are over a thousand of you, who have your blogs registered with MMB. There are also fantastic blogs that have very few readers, and who probably go mostly un-noticed. We wanted to make you more aware of each other, and the amazing things you are writing!

Our new feature, "Tour of MMB-land" will be a once a month posts where we show you all of the amazing things we have found whilst traveling through MMB-land!

Grab your diet coke and your chocolate girls, because you'll need it! You're going to be here a while finding new places to stalk!

I love visiting Meet the Passionista because she has impeccable taste in music. I visit her blog whenever I need new music to listen to or a simple pick-me-up. Here are her latest recommendations.

Have you ever lost your wallet on your way to girls camp and not realized it until you were in the middle of "the no bar zone"? Check out how our favorite Chocolate Chip Waffle girl handled it.

There are lots of things I want... a diet coke; a new, clean, decorated house; kids that never fight; and fireflies. Heather writes about her wants here, and its simply beautiful.

Are you a night owl? Confessions of a Rookie is. Her description of her nightly prowls are just . . . "My circadian rhythms sound like jazz." . . . simply beautiful.

Do you ever hear crazy things at church? Yeah. Me too. Like the time my son told me that he learned about the guy standing on the wall who was waiting for Aliens to come and save him. (such a proud moment!) Check out Over Heard In The Ward for more funny things people say at church. It's funny people. Seriously.

Did you know that in Las Vegas, in the Albertsons, there are magazine guards over all Cosmos magazines? There are! Thankyouverymuch DeNae! She and her mad emailing posse decided smut aimed at the eye level of pre-pubescent boys was uncalled for. When the Albertson's manager told her there was nothing he could do... Well, she let her fingers do the talking.

After you read DeNae, check out Diapers and Divinty and Stephanie's call to fight. We may be mother's, but Ladies, we are powerful mothers. We can fight this fight and make a difference. Remember: The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world! Let's all answer the call to fight!

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