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General Conference Discussion: Recognizing the Whisperings of the Spirit

Twice a month, we invite you study a talk from the most recent General Conference with us, and hopefully join in on discussion about the principles taught.  


This week’s talk, Helping Others Recognize the Whisperings of the Spirit(read it, watch it) was given by Sister Vicki F. Matsumori during the Saturday morning session of General Conference.  I really liked this talk when I heard it because, as a mother, I feel like this is one of my greatest responsibilities– to teach my kids what to listen to when I’m not around to teach them or influence them.  Anyway, there’s some great stuff in here that reminds me how to teach, but also how to keep myself in line.

“We can help others become more familiar with the promptings of the Spirit when we share our testimony of the influence of the Holy Ghost in our lives.”
“One reason we are encouraged to pray and read the scriptures every single day is that both of these activities invite the Spirit into our homes and into the lives of our family members.”
“When we come to understand the whisperings of the Spirit, we will be able to hear Him teach us …”

Why do you think this is such an important skill to learn and to teach?

What ideas do you have for helping children (and ourselves) to recognize the influence of the Holy Ghost?

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