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Check out the new and improved MMB

Welcome to the new and improved Mormon Mommy Blogs!

We have been busy little bee's over here on the MMB, making all sorts of changes, going through all 1,067 blogs checking for links and then moving them. Major MAJOR amounts of moving.

We have moved all of the blogs to their own dedicated page. There is a handy-dandy drop down menu there at the top that will take you to each category of blogs. Some of the categories have been merged together. Empty Nesters can be found in the Parenting section; Crafters, Scrapbooking, Digital Design and Card Making will now all be housed in the Hobby category.

If you cannot find your blog, then make sure you have one of our buttons at the top of your front page and resubmit your URL, and Blog title to mormonmommyblogs@ gmail (dot) com. Please put ADD ME in the subject line. Once you receive our email stating you have been added, you can move our button anywhere you want on your site. But remember, our highly trained monkey spies will be periodically checking for buttons, so if they don't find a button, then your blog will be delisted.

We also have more choices for buttons. There is our original button, and then two other choices for you as well. Make sure you grab one and put it on your site. We are asking that there be no more "word links" to us, but rather one of our buttons on your site.

From time to time we will have guest posts on interesting and important topics. If you would like more information on opportunities for fame and fortune as a guest poster (especially if you are smart and funny, or just smart or just funny), please visit the FAQ's page. Highly trained monkey spies will be surfing your blogs looking for future guest posters as well.

All of the guest posting, giveaways, and announcements will happen here, on our blogspot address. Keep subscribed to us here, so you don't miss out on anything. The new homepage is where you will find all of the 1,067 blogs and their various categories.

For a new and improved way to stalk each other, we have created an online community. It will provide you the opportunity to interact with other bloggers, on a more personal level. It is pretty sweet, so check that out and get yourself all set up to share photos, promote your blog, participate in discussions or just use the awesome chat features.

If you think you're listed in the wrong category, please contact MMB and we will move you into a different category. If you submit a request, please allow up to seventy-two hours three weeks for the appropriate changes to be made (I am a mother after all). At MMB our committment to you is: "12 calls, that's all!" After that time, if your request has not been handled, please nag me.

We strive to keep our site family friendly and safe for browsing. This site is an aggregator, so we link to many other blogs rather than posting original material. However, if you post anything on your blog that is crude, offensive, or pornographic, we reserve the right to delist your blog, ban you for life, and send a highly trained monkey SWAT team to your home.

This whole new look and merge would not have happened without the talent and skills of MomBabe. I told her what I wanted to do with the MMB, and she made it happen. The site design, the drop down menus and our interactive community is all because of MomBabe. She is one talented chica, and I am really glad to have her on board!

So. There you have it. The big "top secret" event . . . a new and improved MMB. Let us know what you think and we hope you enjoy!

~Motherboard and MomBabe

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