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Music is my life. Or in otherwords: I went to Sherrie Shepherds Concert.

Sometimes, music brings me to tears. It has only happened a handful of times. But, when it has, it has been memorable and powerful.


The last time it happened was when I heard Sherrie Shepherd play her stuff-- Live. There is something to be said for the Live venue. Sherrie's concert resurrected emotion in me that I haven't felt in a long time... and I cried. I did. It was embarrassing.

Guys. She's good. She is really, really good. This is not said lightly. She was outstanding. Hearing her on her CD is one thing... but hearing her live? It was just plain moving.

I could feel the emotion that she was feeling as she played her music. It translates, and it translates well. That is a hard thing for a musician to do-- translate the emotion behind the song to your audience-- but Sherrie does it flawlessly. Her music is simply inspiring and relaxing. You should go buy one of her CD's. You will be glad you did!

You can also now purchase and download her cd as mp3's! Just go here.

I think that my favorite songs that she played were a Jazz one with her brother, My Man's Gone Now; Heart strings; Angels Running; Did You Think to Pray (with a little Bach's Cello suite#1 added in for good measure) and Solitude. My word! I kid you not... The number, Did you Think to Pray was a brilliant piece of arranging!

Go buy her CD (or mp3's) , and then sit back and prepare to be wowed like you have never been wowed before.


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