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First Annual Holiday Home Tour!

Welcome to MMB's first ever holiday home tour!


As we head into this holiday season, we want to see how YOU celebrate.

Do you hang lights on your house? Do you decorate a tree? Do you have a secret sugar cookie recipe or treat that it just won't be Christmas without?

We all put so much work into making this season special, no matter our circumstance, and we want to see how you do it! Share your holiday traditions and decorations in photos and post, so that we can visit your home via the virtual world!

Remember, our favorite homes will be featured on the front pages of Mormon Mommy Blogs!

And of course there is the matter of the $50 Visa GiftCard at hand.... That's right, everyone who participates will be eligible to win a $50 Visa GiftCard, courtesy of yours truly.

So get those cameras out, and get those links in!

It's time for the holiday home tour!

***you can enter anytime between now and 12 midnight, EST. Christmas Eve***

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