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Family Home Evening Lesson: Word of Wisdom

FHE Theme: My Body is a Temple

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, D&C 89: 18-21

Song: The Lord Gave me a Temple: CS 153, For Health and Strength: CS 21

Read and Discuss: Our bodies are a temple of God. One of the greatest blessings we received when we came  to earth was a physical body, and it is our job to take care of them. The Lord has given us a law of health, the Word of Wisdom.


  • Play “Red light, Green light.” Discuss how a green light allows us to GO, a yellow light makes us SLOW, and a red light makes us STOP. Talk about how some foods are “green light” foods which give us energy and help us to “go.” Some foods slow us down, and some foods stop us altogether. Look through your cupboards and let your kids decide if the foods they find are green, yellow, or red light foods. (idea from Laura of FHE Lessons)

  • Grab a plate from your cupboard, and head to the fridge and pantry. Using the following guide, fill the plate with a healthy meal. (from

Further Reading: Check out this article, The Lord has given us a Law of Health.

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