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Discussion Wednesday: Depression in Motherhood

Motherhood is a blessing.

It is a joy.

But it can be lonely.

And it's really hard.

Physically, emotionally,


I suffer from depression.

I love my kids, and my life, and it took a long time for me to understand that this disease,

Was not of my own doing.

It was not because I had shortcomings.

Or had failed in some way as a mother and woman.

It was because some little part of my brain,

Just doesn't work the way it's supposed to.

I used to feel like a failure for even admitting that I struggled with depression and anxiety.

I went about my life, acting.

Acting happy. Acting sad. Acting excited. Acting interested.

Truth is, I was empty and numb.

Especially on Sundays, as I would hear women in the ward get up, and talk about how much

JOY and HAPPINESS and FULLNESS they had in their lives.

I wanted some.

I have the kids. The eternal marriage. The good and supportive husband. The testimony.

What was I missing? What didn't I have?

The answer was so obvious, and yet, why didn't I want to admit it?

I'm imbalanced.

Simple as that.

Things don't transmit the way they're supposed to.

It's not my fault.

So why couldn't I admit it?

Do you find it hard to admit that you're struggling?

Have you, or ARE you, suffering from depression?

What about Post Partum depression? It's a real disease.

You can't snap out of it.

There's no quick fix.

How are you dealing with it?

Are you medicated? Or do you use other therapies?

Do you talk about it on your blog?

Or are you too scared to admit it out loud?

Please, talk to me. We can only help each other.

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